Saturday, December 3, 2011


  I just got The Walking Dead (TWD) 11-14 in Trade Paperback.  These graphic novels (GN) are so amazing.  They are well written and beautifully illustrated.  People think of GN's as, "Comic books, grow up!", but they don't realize they are  missing out on some of the best works of art in modern times.  Let first say this, I am a comic book junkie.  LOVE THEM!  But it's not all kiddie stuff.  Comics have been dealing with adult themes and world issues for their entire existence.  They've dealt with social issues from poverty, to domestic violence, to racism, sexism, AIDS, politics, homosexuality and so much more.  The Graphic Novels have given those comics a stronger voice.  Combining the comic book art with novel savvy has been pure genius.  Most GN's are a collection of series in one setting, creating a super comic book novel.  A lot of movies have been based on GN's that most people don't even know. 
  TWD is a series that deals with humanity and how humans are the real monsters and how survival and adaption are so Darwin we don't even know it at 1st.  In a new world where school teachers and pizza delivery boys become the ultimate survivalist and the strong become weak, weak become strong, people go crazy, chaos is the norm and death lurks everywhere.  Rules change, laws change, normal is subjective and humanity is pushed to the brink of its true nature: Animalistic & Survival.  These GN's entrance the reader from page 1 and don't let go even when you get to the final page.  You have to read the next one and the next one.  No one is safe in these novels, just like in the real world, anyone can die at any time.  And they do.  There were so many OMSJ moments in these I literally gasped out loud countless times.  I implore those that are fans of the show to pick them up and for anyone that enjoys damn good story telling.  Ignore they are GN's.  Get off your elitist book horse and read them.  You won't be sorry you did.  WTYZM!  (Word To Your Zombie Mom).  :)