Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Walking Dead.16: A Larger World


ZAWESOME!!!!  But it's far too short and it takes too long for a new TPB to come out.  Other than that it was bloody great!  New developments and characters abound.  I pre-ordered TWD.17 already and can't wait for it to come out. My fave characters are still around, some of them have gotten fugged up ***SPOILER***
Carl got shot in the head in book 14, so he is still healing from it (he lost his right eye), but when it happened it was at the end of the book and I was all like, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE FUGGGGGGGGGG!!  Then had to wait for book 15 to find out if he lived or died, b/c you know in TWD all bets are off.  No one is safe, not even the "main characters".  Andrea and Rick are developing a relationship, which I like, Andrea is one of my fave characters in the book.  She's a badass rock star.  Michonne is still alive and kicking ass,love her.  Glen is still alive, so happy about that.  He and Maggie are still together and raising Sophia, yeah she's still alive in the book even though she isn't on the show.  The gang has taken control of a neighbourhood and are running it well, but supplies are low and they are having a hard time finding food from the search parties that have been sending out.  Enter mysterious new character.  He kicks everyone's ass until Rick gets there then he takes the dude down and ties him up and keeps locked up until he can figure out if he's legit or not.  Finally, thanks to Carl, Rick eases up and trusts him, for the most part.  Jesus ends up being way cool and nice.  He takes Rick, Andrea, Michonne, (Carl cause he hid in the van), and a couple of others to this new neighbourhood, Hilltop.  Turns out he is part of a group of hundreds that have built their own little city with farming and what not and have started trade routes with other neighbourhoods of survivors, yes, OTHER WHOLE NEIGHBOURHOODS OF SURVIVORS.  CRAZY!  It's all tense though b/c you don't know if this new guy, nicknamed Jesus, is on the up and up, even after he proves himself.  Then they get to the neighbourhood and again you just don't know if it's going to be like the "Governor's" neighbourhood or if they are going to be cool.  Turns out they are cool, but a little off.  The problem, Rick's group soon finds out, is that there is a nasty group of fuggers that are running protection rackets over all the neighbourhoods.  So Rick decides that his group will take down the evil fuggers in trade for food from the Hilltop group.  And that's pretty much how it ends.  Rick's group is starting to become more and more dangerous and I have to wonder if they are eventually going to become one of these evil groups.
This series has not lost any steam, at all.  Still all kinds of zawesome and zool!  READ THIS SERIES DAMN IT!! WTYZM!!