Sunday, November 20, 2016

MacGyver Remake

Ok sexxy viewers, I have a new review to give you.  I know, sexxciting!  

TV Show Review: MacGyver (remake). 

           About a month ago I gave a joyous review of the new MacGyver show.  The woman and I watched the first ep and though we didn't think it was great, we thought it would be good enough to have as a regular Friday night show.  However, when Friday next rolled around we were less than enthusiastic about watching it.  I DVR'd it nonetheless.  The wifey said she wasn't really into it, so I decided to watch ep 2 while she was doing other things.  I honestly couldn't get into it.  The acting is a bit over the top and cheesy (yes, I'm aware of the 80's cheese factor from the original show).  The thing is, with the original show, the actors made it believable and exciting and fun.  What shenanigans was "Mac" going to get into??  And how will he get out of said shenanigans??  Agghh!  We believed he could use a paperclip, lamp, and foil, to make a helicopter.  πŸ˜  Seriously, though, we believed that Mac could make something out of nothing.  He didn't use weapons, he used ingenuity and intellect.  It was cool.  I think that premise is totally workable even in these modern times.  Especially in these modern times.  I just think the writing needs to improve and the actors need to loosen up a bit and have more fun with it, but at the same time make us believe that THEY believe the scenes/situations they are crafting, are possible.  Open our imagination and give us thrilling science & action!  Is the show salvageable?  I believe so.  It may just be suffering the freshman jitters.  Mayhap (yes, mayhap. I'm bringing it back) they'll work out the kinks in their sophomore outing (if they survive the first season & get renewed).  Unfortunately, for now, I have to revise my rating.  I don't recall what I gave it originally, but I am giving it 1 X out of XXX rating.

πŸ’™¡Stay Entertained! 🎬 ¡Happy Viewing!πŸ’™