Wednesday, November 28, 2012

JaSexxy Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

J.Sexxview of AL:VH...
 I liked it, but did not love it.  I know, I am stating the obvious when I say this but, it was NOT as good as the book.  It could've been, but it wasn't.  Director Timur Bekmambetov, whose Russian movies, "Night Watch", and "Day Watch", I enjoyed very much.  Timur has a very stylistic way of directing.  His scenes are elaborate and admittedly over-the-top, but quite fun.  Had I not read this book I would've enjoyed this movie much more.  Author Seth Grahame-Smith created such a well written, masterful blend of fiction and non-fiction.  It was compelling, gripping, addictive, bittersweet, emotional, full of action, facts and  just flat out fun.  In my book review of AL:VH I wrote: "Grahame-Smith does a fantastic job of intertwining historical facts with fantastical fiction.  He could have taken the story and made it silly, but he didn't.  He wrote it so straight-faced that I found myself at times thinking the fiction parts were true!  The historical part was just fantastic.  I never realized how little I knew of our 16th president and the dramatic life he lived..." **Read my full book review here: **
Unfortunately the movie went the route of hokey that ended up being a chopped version of the book.  They went for style, f/x, grandiose fight sequences, and no substance, instead of the plot & dialogue driven book.  I'm disappointed in the movie b/c it had the potential to be as great as the book or at least be an acceptable adaptation, especially since the screenplay was by Grahame-Smith, but it fell way short of even being acceptable.  One thing I did find amusing...**WARNING SPOILER (OF BOTH THE BOOK & MOVIE.  DON'T READ UNTIL AFTER THIS PART...**
The ending of the book was the only thing I didn't care for.  Lincoln becomes what he hates most, vampire.  It didn't ring true with the story & character of Lincoln.  In the movie, Grahame-Smith writes an ending where Lincoln does not turn vampire, he heads off to the theatre and then they cut to modern day, no Lincoln.  You'd think I'd be happy with that since I didn't care for the ending of the book, but I wasn't satisfied with the ending of the movie either.  Lol
Overall I enjoyed the movie for what it was, an actionay horror flick with decent f/x and stylish filming.  It didn't suck, but it wasn't great either.  I rec it but not so much that you need to see it.  I give it a X 1/2, (out of XXX) rating.  Stay Entertained! Happy Viewing!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blump (book-slump)

Well dear readers I have been in a blump for over a month now.  I was on a hot reading streak at the beginning of this year all the way through to October.  Was a great pace to meet my boal (book-goal), and now I'm like 9 books behind.  Fugggggggg.  On the plus side I've been reading Fall of Giants (FoG), and it has been just a beautiful read.  I'm less than 300pgs from finishing (it totals 985pgs).  I'm truly dreading the end.  It's one of those books that you can't wait to see how it ends, but dread the nearing end of it, and sad when it's complete, b/c you've been immersed in the lives of these special characters and vested in their trails & tribulations, their tumultuous life, exuberant triumphs, devastating loss, and profound love.  This book as prodded every human emotion and it is flat out amazing.  Though I'm not finished with it yet, it is becoming one of my all time fave books already.

I'm also reading Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916.  I'm not far into this book.  Only bout 15% or so, but it has been a great read.  The author does a great job of painting life back in the early 1900's, how women wore full bathing suits and showing just a hint of ankle was provocative.  The people of the early 1900's didn't use the ocean as we do today.  They only sat on the beaches, never really indulging in a swim or frolicking in the shallow shore.  It's an interesting setting and really cool to relives those ghosts of past.  The author does a fantastic job of taking the reader back in time and seeing, feeling, sensing, the way of life back then.  He also does a cool POV from the shark, which of course is just his brilliant imagination but he weaves the nautical facts in, water temps, currents, etc.  Very anxious to get back to this book as I have a great love for the ocean, sharks, and non-fiction.

I'm ALSO reading, lol, Death Sentence, the 3rd book in the Furnace series.  These books have been fantastic quick reads.  Fast paced and action packed.  Even though it's YA, it's still gripping and exciting and you get drawn to the characters and their plight.  I'm only bout 15-20% into this one, but can't wait to get back into it full time.

Hopefully I'll get back in my reading groove and make my 2012 boal.  I have so many books I want to read.  If only I had the time.  Le sigh...  Stay Booked! Happy Reading!