Saturday, January 22, 2011

The greats...

So I was thinking of classic lit, or more so stoic authors. I think with authors like Hemingway, Nin, Miller, Dostoevsky, Bukowski, Rand and their ilk, you have to read them from the beginning of their works, to read out of order is disservice to them and as a reader. You read their 1st work, novice, finding their voice, but you sense the greatness lurking there, then progress to where they've settled into themselves, found their voice; then you get to where they've not only found their voice, but are now using it, compelling the reader, daring the reader, exhilarating the reader; then their slow descent either into madness or the ego or both. Or even more tragic into mediocrity.
At least that's just my opinion. I think that's why I put off the greats, I need to be ready! :)


  1. LOL at "slow descent into madness"
    So, which one will you pick first?

  2. :)
    I really want to start with Anais Nin, I have to start to build my Nin collection, I have 2 of Dostoevsky, but I will build that collection easily thanks to B&N's great discounts on classic lit
    I'm reading Bukowski's The Continual Condition and will build my collection of his work sometime this year
    So I just took the long way to tell you that I will be starting with Nin, Dostoevsky & Bukowski LOL
    You have any plans to start any of the greats?