Sunday, May 6, 2012

Marvel's The Avengers: A JaSexxy Review

          Avengers assemble!  Damn right bizziches.

It sucked donkey dangle!
No, I kid. :)
It was an awesome mix of smart scripting, fleshed out characters that were superbly acted by the most unlikely cast ensemble, witty humour, kick ass action, and excellent f/x.  It really had it all.  And I'm not a Marvel comics fan, well not much of one, I'm more a DC nerd.  But I fully admit Marvel has done a much better job marketing and transitioning their universe onto celluloid.  This is the 1st true blockbuster of the summer and it wasn't a mindless action blockbuster either.  Not that there's anything wrong with the mindless action flicks, I love them too.  I'm actually gigged out about The Expendables 2.  The Avengers just surprised as a more in-depth action flick.  It not only lived up to the hype, it surpassed it.  Of course Stan Lee makes an appearance which is always cool, but the appearances of Powers Boothe, Paul Bettany (the voice of Jarvis), Harry Dean Stanton (father from Pretty in Pink, nutter compound leader in Big Love), James Eckhouse (father from 90210), Lou Ferrigno (voice of The Hulk), added another level of cool. 
I highly rec this movie and def advise you to see it in the theatre for the full effect and don't leave until after the initial ending credits (there's a delish treat for those that stay).   Marvel's The Avengers gets my highest rating XXX.  Stay Entertained! Happy Viewing!

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